At JP’s IT Services we offer the following services:

Computer Repair
PC or Laptop not working? Does it seem sluggish compared to when you first got it? Loud fan noises? We can help!

Home Network Setup
Have you just had your broadband activated and need a hand setting things up? Poor WiFi around the house? Get in touch!

New PC Build
We don’t just repair PC’s, we can build them to any specification! Just let us know what you plan on using your PC for and we’ll get you a quote! It’s always a lot cheaper to have a PC custom built for your needs!

Broken Screens
Unfortunately it’s way too easy to damage the screen on your laptop! We can have the screen replaced on your laptop within a few days and at a very affordable price!

Failed Hard Drives
Seeing a dreaded error message when booting your PC or Laptop about your hard drive failing? Current hard drive making a lot of noise? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Windows Not Booting?
There’s so many things that could cause Windows to refuse to start. We’ll investigate the cause and attempt to get your PC booting into Windows again. Failing that, we’ll ensure any of your important information is backed up and reinstall Windows for you.

Virus / Malware Removal
Do you think your PC has been infected with a virus? We’ll remove any viruses and install the latest antivirus software to help keep you safe!